🤖📈 EA31337 Lite, Advanced and Rider - Forex multi-strategy trading robot for MT4/MT5 platforms

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EA31337 trading robot

About the project

EA31337 is an advanced trading robot for Forex markets written in MQL.

The project aims to deliver fully working Expert Advisor (EA) for free.

It implements algorithm for managing multiple strategies on different timeframes at once.

The code is split into 3 modes: Lite, Advanced and Rider, each providing slightly different trading logic, while sharing the same codebase and strategies.



Lite version aims at simpler implementation of EA.

Features include:


Advanced version aims at more advanced implementation of EA.

It comes with all same features plus the following:


Rider version aims at “riding” the market’s trends.

In simple words, the trades are opened by lower timeframe strategies, and closed by the higher timeframe strategies.

In comparison with other modes, it tries to keep the orders for longer period of time.

Input parameters

To read more about the EA’s parameters, check the following wiki page about Input parameters.


The project is using the following projects:

Further readings

For more information, check the following resources:


To download the project’s files, go to Releases page.

You can also download the files from the Marketplace.

Other projects

To read about other projects, go to ea31337.github.io.